APL Instrument


 High Efficiency Work

The world's leading supplier of microwave chemistry instrument

APL Instrument Co., ltd,.

APL pay attention to the safety of equipment operation and high

efficient sample digestion, and pilot the wholemicrowave

chemistry instrument.

APL has been certified by CQC for both ISO 9001:2008

quality management system and CE product certificate of

microwave digestion instrument, graphite digestion instrument.

APL development and have the first patent technology of microwave chemical industry China,

APL Two times won the innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology support,

APL Professional manufacture of high-throughput microwave digestion / extraction system, microwave high temperaturefurnace, automatic

graphite digestion system.

APL Has now developed into a professional enterprise of industry's largest and most influential!

APL has been making its way into international market and has successfully sold its products to the countries and areas to cover Italy, Russia, Turkey,

Japan, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, India, Iran, Pakistan and Thailand.


Graphite Digestion Syste

High Temperature Furnace

Microwave Digestion System 


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